A Message from the Board of Directors:

The mission of the Alano Club is to provide a safe and supportive place for people to recover from problems related to addiction and alcoholism.  We are a non-profit organization funded solely by the kitchen operation, donations and membership dues.  We need your involvement to ensure the future availability of this facility.

The Alano Club needs your help in planning activities, events and participating at membership meetings.  Remember that this is your club.  There is much you can do to contribute and be of service in the spirit of the 12th step.  We are striving to re-create some of the weekend events that were once common-place here: barbeques, dances, and karaoke to name a few.  We’re open to new ideas.  It’s up to you and your friends to get involved.

Membership dues are an important way to support our club.  The money given in the 7th tradition basket is NOT club dues.  Our club functions day to day from donations, dues and kitchen revenue.  Our building is aging and there are always needed repairs and improvements that we cannot complete without your help.  Paying your dues gives you a voice in membership meetings, opportunities to serve and a contribution in furthering the mission of the club to serve our community.

We want to build a solid financial foundation, ensuring our club will persist for future generations.  Please be a part of the solution: pay your dues, eat a meal in the kitchen occasionally, get involved in entertainment committees, see where you can contribute and become a part of what has been so vital to so many of us in our recoveries.  You can pay your dues at the counter downstairs and get involved by attending board meetings on the 3rd Wed of each month.   God Bless…